Our service depends on volunteers willing to give up time to help someone in need. Some positions are backstage roles supporting the organization, while other roles involve being directly involved in someone's escape from abuse.

Together We Can End Violence

Email volunteer@FamiliestoFreedom.org to schedule your orientation where you'll learn more about Families to Freedom and how each position connects to our mission. Positions posted below are our greatest current need. If you have a unique skill or interest that's outside of the positions below, let us know for consideration.

See these positions and more on VolunteerMatch.org, Voly.org and VolunteerMcKinney.org

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Is It Safe?

The most common question we hear from volunteer candidates is asking about the safety from abusers. We do not pick up clients from their home, and we are not on the scene during police activity. We require that our travelers be in a safe place for pickup such as a police station, fire station, counselor's office, a shelter, a business with security, or other safe place. During volunteer training we discuss contingency planning and how we prepare for all lengths of travel. For specific questions ahead of orientation, call us at 972-885-7020 or email volunteer@FamiliestoFreedom.org.

Volunteer Led Committees

Our volunteers pave the way for the future of Families to Freedom. Committee meetings are scheduled and organized by volunteers to discuss topics related to operations, fundraising, finances and special events. Members draw upon their personal and professional strengths to explore topics in depth and make decisions that steer our organization to success. This is a great way to serve in a collaborative and strategic role.

Volunteer Driver

This is our most high demand position! Volunteer drivers contribute in the most direct and personal way. Taking a day from your routine to drive a person in need to a new home or to a city with shelter could be literally a lifesaving way to serve.

  • Drive survivors of domestic violence from a Dallas location to a destination (local or long distance)
  • Travel usually begins in the morning
  • Most trips require driving at night
  • Some trips take a full day to arrive and a full day to return
  • Co-drivers encouraged when available (must be registered volunteer with Families to Freedom)

Families to Freedom will provide the vehicle and travel expenses, and we’ll assist you with your trip along the way. We need drivers for weekdays and Saturdays; you choose your days and range of travel. Must be age 21 or older. Email volunteer@FamiliestoFreedom.org or call 972-885-7020 for more information about this position. After a background check of your recent driving history to ensure you’re a safe, qualified driver, you will be notified by email and/or phone of clients who need transportation when the need arises.

Phone Advocate & Office Support

Families to Freedom seeks the assistance of a volunteer to answer hotline calls. This is an onsite position that requires listening skills with empathy, the ability to remain calm during stressful conversations, the ability to make quick decisions, and a maintain a pleasant and professional demeanor. Create your own schedule that you can commit to during normal business hours.

Duties to expect include:

  • Assist with taking phone calls:
    • Gathering information to plan for a caller's travel needs
    • Providing emotional support to callers
    • Helping victims with safety planning
    • Refer callers to area shelters and other support agencies
    • Providing referrals for other services
    • Contacting a client’s family or shelter for travel coordination
    • Contacting volunteers to coordinate client travel
  • Assist with the transportation needs of our travelers:
    • Coordinate with volunteer drivers for travel
    • Contact area shelters for vacancy and/or driving directions
    • Pack materials for client's trips
  • Other light office duties include:
    • Organizing donated items in the office
    • Assist with print materials
    • Tagging and recording car seat inventory

Must be able to demonstrate exemplary phone etiquette. Must be comfortable navigating basic computer programs, smartphone apps and internet browsers. Office environment is an open workspace in a cozy, casual atmosphere. ¿Habla español? Bilingual help would be amazing but is not required. Email volunteer@FamiliestoFreedom.org or call 972-885-7020 for more information about this position.

Transport Agent

We are seeking the assistance of volunteers with travel planning and tracking. This is an onsite or offsite position to assist volunteer drivers before and during travel. Times often involve non-business hours including some late night hours or weekends. Ideal candidates need to be comfortable reading maps, able to interpret traffic and weather that may impact driving conditions.

  • From Home
    • Assess the transportation needs of our travelers
    • Coordinate with office volunteers on anticipated traveler needs
    • Contact destination person about the driver's arrival
    • Tracking client travels for traffic and weather alerts
  • From Office (optional)
    • Securing & preparing vehicle for travel (as needed)
    • Pack materials for trips

This position offers flexible work times for onsite or offsite as your choice. Email volunteer@FamiliestoFreedom.org or call 972-885-7020 for more information about this position.

Community Advocate

We are seeking the assistance of volunteers with having a presence at public events. This is a great position for anyone upbeat, enthusiastic and outgoing! Role duties include:

  • Identify public events with table or booth space
  • Table decoration, setup, and take-down
  • Greet table visitors to inform & engage about our mission
  • Report on event results

This position requires weekend availability. Take your contribution further as a Marketing Committee member. Details provided during orientation. Email volunteer@FamiliestoFreedom.org or call 972-885-7020 for more information about this position.

Volunteer Pilot

Hundreds of pilots travel alone for personal or work reasons each day. Put your pilot skills to great use by letting someone ride with you! Being a volunteer pilot with Families to Freedom helps a person in need get far away from their abuser or stalker by flying them to a destination in your aircraft. Donating your flight expenses is tax deductible.

Email volunteer@FamiliestoFreedom.org or call 972-885-7020 for more information about this position. Due to FAA regulation (Part 61.113), we cannot provide compensation for flight costs even if you are a commercial rated pilot.

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