Our service depends on volunteers willing to give up time to help someone in need. Some positions are backstage roles supporting the organization, while other roles involve being directly involved in someone's escape from abuse.

Together We Can End Violence

Is It Safe?

The most common question we hear from volunteer candidates is asking about the safety from abusers. We do not pick up clients from their home, and we are not on the scene during police activity. We require that our clients be in a safe place for pickup such as a police station, fire station, counselor's office, a shelter, a business with security, or other safe place. During volunteer training we discuss contingency planning and we prepare you for all types of travel. For specific questions ahead of orientation, call us at 833-903-7233 or email volunteer@FamiliestoFreedom.org.

Fill out the form below to get started! Someone from our office will then contact you for a brief discussion. Expect area code 972 or 346 for that call.

Volunteer Form

Volunteer Driver

This is our most high demand position! Volunteer drivers contribute in the most direct and personal way. Taking a day from your routine to drive a person in need to a new home or to a city with shelter could be literally a lifesaving way to serve.

  • Drive survivors of domestic violence location to a destination (across North Texas, East Texas, the Gulf Coast or to another state)
  • Multi-state travel usually begins in the morning
  • Some trips require driving at night
  • Some multi-state trips take a full day to arrive and a full day to return
  • Some trips are a short 1-3 hour commitment

Families to Freedom provides the vehicle and travel expenses, and we’ll assist you with your trip along the way. We need drivers for all days and hours; you choose your days and range of travel. Must be age 21 or older. Email volunteer@FamiliestoFreedom.org or call 833-903-7233 for more information about this position. Orientation is about 60 minutes and training takes about 3 hours conducted virtually or in our office.

Car Seat Cleaning

If you like cleaning projects and enjoy puzzles, this might be a great role for you! We receive car seats that need to be cleaned and made ready for travel. This position can be done from your home. Activties include:

  • Removing a seat's fabric and/or belts
  • Screening the seat for defects
  • Washing the covers in a washing machine
  • Wiping down the plastic shell and belts
  • Reassembling the covers and blets

Duties can be performed on a schedule you set! Must be able to lift 20 pounds. Email volunteer@FamiliestoFreedom.org or call 972-885-7020 for more information about this position. Orientation is about 90 minutes to ensure this is a good fit for your schedule and interest. Training and onboarding may takes 1-2 hours conducted in our office.

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