How Funds are Used

All donations to Families to Freedom are tax deductible contributions. Help us meet our mission with a financial donation. Whether a one-time donation or a small recurring monthly commitment, all spending will be reported right here so you can see the impact your dollars make.

Transportation costs to serve our clients take the highest priority for expenses. We welcome feedback and suggestions for improvement in the form below.



  • 71 Clients Transported
  • 61 Children Traveled
  • 132 People Transported
  • 12 Pets

  • 60 Total Traveling Volunteer Drivers
  • 6,247 Total Client Distance Traveled

  • Expenses for Car/Van Travel

  • $523.42 Total Spent on Overnight Motel
  • $2,211.14 Total Spent on Car Fuel
  • $2,243.58 Total Spent on Car Rentals
  • $465.61 Total Spent on Food on Trips

  • 57 Arrivals at shelter
  • 18 Arrivals to a family home

  • 58 by road trip
  • 5 by Bus/Train
  • 9 with Fuel Assistance
  • 3 by Flight

  • Expenses by Modes of Travel

  • $3,189.03 Total Spent on Car/Van
  • $886.17 Total Spent on Intercity Bus/Train
  • $719.62 Total Spent on Flights
  • $934.50 Total Spent on Fuel Assistance
  • $5,729.32 Total Spent on All Travel

    * Data seen on this page auto populates. As expenses and travel count are updated, figures will update here in real-time.

    Donations & Gratitude
    July 2022

    Compact | Under 50

  • Janet Marcum
  • Joshua Tripp
  • Marie Martin
  • Melissa Newman
  • Nancy Foreman

  • Sedan | 50-150

  • Ann Gann
  • Jason Myers

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Do you have an opinion, comment or suggestion for improvement about how we use donated funds? Let us know using the form below. If you can provide a service or product to lower costs, complete the optional fields to schedule a discussion.

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