Child Restraint Car Seats

We provide car seats for our young travelers. Our certified car seat technician ensures the seat is properly secured and fitted for children.

Donate A New Seat

Our Amazon Wishlist has a few inexpensive car seats. Your order ships directly to us saving you the hassle of personal delivery.

Donate Your Gently Used Seat

Many of our clients travel with young children fleeing without a car seat. Give your gently used car seat a second opportunity for safe travel! We accept donated used car seats under the following conditions:

  • The seat was NOT installed in a vehicle during a car crash.
    Exception: Minor crashes are those that meet ALL of the following criteria:

    • The vehicle was able to be driven away from the crash site;
    • The vehicle door nearest the safety seat was undamaged;
    • There were no significant injuries to any of the vehicle occupants;
    • The air bags (if present) did not deploy; AND
    • There was no visible damage to the safety seat.

  • You are the original owner of the seat.
  • The manufacturer’s user manual/booklet is included (ideal), or can be downloaded/viewed online.
  • All straps, tethers, coverings, buckles, handles, stickers and accessories are intact and original to the seat.
  • The car seat is in exceptional condition with no known damage of any type.

Dallas Residents! We've partnered with Good Buy Gear to accept (then pass on) your gently used car seat along with all sorts of baby and childhood items to sell or give. You can visit the warehouse at 4949 Sharp Street in Dallas. For questions or to make arrangements call 469-372-6622 or visit!

Car Seat FAQ’s

Do you inspect donated seats?

Yes, we inspect every donated seat.

We start by inspecting the seat’s belts, buckles, straps and structure for signs of damage or weakness. Seats with visible damage are discarded.

Next, we examine the seat’s expiration date. Manufacturer’s assign a date that the seat is not to be used after. This date is usually on the back of the seat in plastic or on the model sticker. Britax and a few other brands have the expiration date in the user guide booklet. Seats received past their expiration date are discarded.

Finally, we review the Highway Safety Research Center Child Restraint Recall List to know if the seat has a safety related recall. Seats with a recall that impacts safety are discarded. []

After passing visible inspection, expiration, and the recall list, the seat is cleaned, tagged, cataloged and lined up for use.

How can I donate my car seat?

Call or email us to arrange for a porch pickup if you're in DFW or the Greater Houston area. DFW call 972-885-7020 | Houston call 346-386-6767 during normal business hours, or email to make arrangements for a volunteer to pick up. Good Buy Gear in Dallas can also accept your donated car seat to pass it on to us. You can visit the warehouse at 4949 Sharp Street in Dallas. For questions or to make arrangements call 469-372-6622 or visit them online at

What happens to a seat after a client travels with it?

Donated seats may be kept by the client after travel if they choose to accept it. We advise our clients who keep their seats to visit a fire station or local hospital to learn about installing and using the seat correctly.

Who installs the seats before travel?

We have a certified car seat technician to install the seats before travel. Volunteer drivers are reminded to ensure should straps are in the correct position (above or below the shoulder) and check that the straps are snug. Parents are asked to buckle the child while volunteer drivers confirm everyone is buckled.

Can clients use their own car seat for travel?

Of course! We'll help with installation and fitting. For liability and safety, if the seat is not appropriate for the child, we may refuse travel until a correctly sized seat is used. For example, seating a child under 3 years in a booster seat is not approved. View for information on car seats by age and size.

Do you accept car seat accessories?

Yes! We accept all types of donations related to travel.

If my donated seat is accepted then discarded, does that disqualify my tax receipt?

No. The value of your donated seat is still tax deductible. You should receive a tax deductible donation receipt mailed to you, or left at your porch. Let us know if your donation receipt is missing by emailing to request that.

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