Fuel Assistance Program

Traveling across the state or the country requires gas, and that's not always affordable for someone leaving an abusive relationship. Studies report more than 90% of domestic abuse cases involve some degree of financial control and abuse. If saving cash for fuel is not an option, consider the risk of using a debit or credit card shared with the abuser. They may monitor your transactions to know where you are going, or disable the card's use leaving you stuck. Families to Freedom now offers a solution!

Fueling Your Freedom

We offer three ways to help you drive far away to safety:

  • Enough fuel to drive to available shelter 50+ miles away going outside of the Dallas-Ft. Worth-Denton metroplex
  • A full tank to drive to shelter up to 400 miles away
  • A fuel card to drive to another state for family or shelter

The fuel card works like a debit card at a majority of gas stations across the United States. The card is only valid for the purchase of regular unleaded fuel (or diesel) at most gas station brands. Food and mechanical needs will be your responsibility.

For those traveling to another state with a fuel card, we will monitor fuel transactions to ensure you arrive before the card is deactivated. Once the card is used in or near your destination, the card will be deactivated.

Only one vehicle can be fueled for your relocation. Families to Freedom cannot rent a moving vehicle for your furniture. "Big rig" moving trucks are not eligible for fuel assistance. Our volunteers are not able to move your furniture or help load items for liability reasons.

Fuel Assistance

Criteria for Fuel Assistance

Our Fuel Assistance Program is only available to those leaving the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex area in North Texas going to a destination 50 miles or more away. To ensure your card is prepared and we can get material to you safely, you must:

  • request service in advance by at least one day
  • be willing to meet at a gas station of our choice in or near Dallas-Ft. Worth
  • have a civic professional confirm your need, such as police personnel, shelter counselor, or medical social worker
  • be willing to let us verify your destination receiving person, whether it's friend, family or a shelter
  • be packed and leaving town the same day the fuel is provided

Pay it forward to the next caller by mailing your card back to be reused. We'll provide a pre-addressed envelope to make it easier for you.

Travel Service

We want your relocation plans to be successful. To help you, we can provide some assistance before and during your trip.

Program Supported by Verizon & North Texas Community Giving Foundation

  • Before Your Trip
    • Safety plan guidance
    • Referral to other agencies for non-travel needs
  • While On the Road (upon request)
    • Traffic information
    • Weather information
    • Locating a fuel station
    • Directions if lost

Fill a survivor's tank with gas through your donation.

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