In observance of the holiday, Families to Freedom will close Wednesday Nov. 22nd at 2:00pm reopening Friday Nov. 24th at 8:00am. For shelter in and near Dallas-Ft. Worth, see our Directory of Shelters.

If shelter isn't available, what option is there?

Although there are over 70 domestic violence shelters in Texas, there aren't enough beds to meet the needs of those seeking emergency shelter. That's because there are hundreds of calls to domestic violence shelters each day in Texas. In 2016, over 8,000 calls to Dallas area shelters were unmet due to a lack of space.

Shelter isn't always available. But what if there was family or a friend far away willing to help? What if shelter is available in another city or state? We are a solution for those seeking help to reunite with family for shelter, for getting to shelter that's far away, and for relocation following emergency shelter.

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Our mission

Our mission is to transport victims of domestic abuse to safety.

Our passion

We want to make it easier for people to get away from abusive relationships.

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Our service

We provide one-way transportation to reunite with family far away or get to shelter.

KNOW More Domestic Violence

It's so easy to say "Why not just leave?" Nevermind the flip side of why doesn't the abuser just leave. Domestic violence at its core is about control. Here are a few ways that abusive partners assert control in relationships.

Financial Control

By controlling money in a relationship, abusive partners prevent freedom. They may take earned money and not allow access to it, or watch over every penny. Preventing employment is also control.

Verbal Abuse

Abusive partners may lie, threaten, intimidate, disrespect, and manipulate their partner. Verbal attacks are an abuser's attempt to maintain control and may be an early sign of a rocky relationship.


Stalking isn't just for ex's. Some abusive partners monitor their partner's every move. From phone trackers to hidden cameras to constant texts and calls, this behavior is another form of control.

Sexual Abuse

Forcing sex, sabotaging birth control and physical violence during intercourse are ways of exerting control over a partner. Sexual exploits may serve as blackmail against the victim for seeking help.

Technology Control

Hacking into social media accounts, devices and email is a form of surveillance- and control. It communicates to the victim that she/he can't have privacy or freedom. It also makes it hard to signal for help.

Physical Abuse

This is a non-verbal threat that if the abuser isn't satisfied, there will be more pain and punishment. Intensity and frequency tends to increase over time. Healthy relationships don't involve punishment.


Verbal and non-verbal threats of harm to others like family and friends keep victims afraid to seek help or leave. If recorded or witnessed, these threats may be useful in court against the abusive partner.


If the victim is dead, they can't tell others about what's been going on. Murder is the ultimate cover-up to a history of abusive and violent behavior. It's also the most damaging for everyone involved.

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