We Believe in
Freedom for All

Our Non-Discrimination Policy

It is the policy of Families to Freedom to provide equal opportunities for service, volunteerism and employment without regard to heritage, national origin, religion, gender, body size, personal attraction, age, or disability. We expect the same tolerance from our volunteers, staff and leadership team.

All clients are required to demonstrate they have been in contact with a civic professional about their situation.

Non-Citizens and Immigrants

Families to Freedom does not report citizenship to any agency. We believe a person who needs safety from an abusive relationship deserves service regardless of their immigration status. While we will equally serve to help victims get to safety, our travel services cannot cross international borders. Unfortunately, we currently do not have phone support for non-English speakers at this time.

Men Can Be Victims

According to a CDC study in 2011, the lifetime prevalence of physical violence by an intimate partner was estimated to be 27.5% for men. Battered men often face fewer resources for safety and justice. At Families to Freedom, we are prepared to serve men equally as women.


Intimate partner violence exists in LGBT relationships at a proportionally higher rate than non-LGBT relationships. We serve LGBT victims as equally as all.

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