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Families to Freedom launches its Fuel Assistance Program

DALLAS, TX - October 3, 2016 - Dallas based nonprofit, Families to Freedom, now offers fuel cards to domestic violence victims as part of the newly launched Fuel Assistance Program. The core mission of the organization is to provide domestic violence victims long-distance travel to safety.

Research shows 98 percent of abused women also suffer financial abuse, where their abuser controls the finances. The lack of financial independence creates a barrier for abused women to get very far away from their abuser. The Fuel Assistance Program was created for abuse victims who have their own cars but not the money to pay for the gas to get far away.

Fuel cards are issued to victims making a safety plan to leave, or who are already in local shelter, who call Families to Freedom. Criteria to qualify includes being a current or recent victim of domestic abuse, having a specific safe destination, and in current contact with a civic professional about the abuse, such as with law enforcement or a medical professional, counselor, or shelter personnel. Prospective card recipients must call in their request at least a day before leaving.

The Verizon Foundation and The North Texas Community Giving Foundation awarded grant funds to Families to Freedom to launch this new service. The Fuel Assistance Program is available only to victims in the Dallas-Ft. Worth and Denton area traveling away

In the first year of service, Families to Freedom volunteer drivers traveled with 55 survivors, plus 63 children of domestic violence, going more than 54,000 miles across Texas and the U.S. by car, plane and bus. Founder Sarah Nejdl said, “We are doing what nobody else has stepped up to do.” The organization has no paid staff and currently relies on donations to support travel services.

About Families to Freedom Inc.

Families to Freedom began service in October 2015 to address the lack of available shelter for domestic violence victims. According to The Institute for Urban Policy Research At The University of Texas at Dallas, in 2015 an average of 630 callers to Dallas shelters each month are denied service due to a lack of space. The mission at Families to Freedom is to provide survivors of domestic violence free long-distance transportation to reunite with family or get to shelter far away. The organization is working with ten area shelters, hospitals, and various police departments.

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