Our Mission & Vision

The Problem

Most people don't realize there is a lack of shelter. The Texas Council on Family Violence cites nearly 15,870 unmet requests in 2015. That's 39% of adults denied shelter across our great state. The Dallas Morning News reported in October 2015 that an average of 630 callers are denied shelter every month in the city. Homeless shelters are reporting 15-30% of their intake come from a domestic violence situation.

If a victim is unable to get shelter after an incident, what options are there?

Most stay in the relationship hoping to cope or change things. Some flee anyway becoming homeless. Although there are just over 70 domestic violence shelters in Texas, there aren't enough beds to meet the needs of those seeking emergency shelter. That's because there are hundreds of incidents of domestic violence reported each day in Texas. But what if there was family or a friend willing to help? What if shelter is available in another city even if it's more than an hour away? We are a solution for those looking to family for shelter, for getting to shelter that's far away, and for relocation following emergency shelter.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transport victims of domestic abuse to safety.

A Vision of a Future

Our vision is to make it easy for people to get away from domestic violence situations. By helping people break free from domestic abuse, we can stop the cycle. Transporting children of abused parents enables them to live in a more loving, supportive environment so they can get counseling, support and modeling for a normal adult life. This breaks the cycle of abuse for their lives. Fewer abusers in the future equals fewer law resources used, fewer visits to hospitals, fewer work days missed, fewer broken homes, and fewer tax dollars needed for families in crisis.

Our Growth Plan

Our long-term vision is to serve all of Texas and beyond. Until we have the funds to expand to other cities, we are limited to serving survivors originating from the North Texas area. See our service area map here.


We are primarily funded by community donors who want to help victims get to safety. We are grateful to the many volunteers who give up their time to drive with survivors. You can help us meet our mission with your own contribution.

  • Donate funds for travel
  • Donate travel items
  • Volunteer a day for driving

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