Our most common mode of travel is a private ride in a compact car provided by Families to Freedom. This offers our clients the ability to stop for childcare, travel through stormy weather and travel with more items than what’s allowed by bus or commercial flight.

Donate Your Vehicle

Don’t hassle with hagglers in the open market. Donate your car or larger vehicle! We need vehicles in great working condition with seating for at least four people. In addition to knowing your vehicle will be put to good use, you can enjoy a tax write-off. Vehicles valued over $5,000 will get an independent appraisal to help you with your IRS Form 8283.

Other types of vehicles such as motorcycles, boats, ATVs and aircraft can also be accepted as your generous contribution. We’ll take care of towing assuming your vehicle is worth more than the cost of towing.

For tax information, see the IRS publication tiled “ A Donor’s Guide to Vehicle Donation

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